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A Peephole Through Opportunities

You apply for a job, but don’t get an interview. You burn the midnight oil studying for a test, but don’t attain the grades you wanted. You tell someone you like them, but they don’t reciprocate. Surely are you stabbed aback by lost dreams, lost opportunities, lost chances, but why? What if I tried harder? What do I do next after freezing solid by failure? The clustering of “failures” happens too often to be ignored.

Losing an opportunity means you tried. You stayed up late at night perfecting your job application. You stood up against all the odds of knowing “you can fail”. You traced the boundary between failure and success because you needed that opportunity alive. What you may not have known is that you now know where your frontier of success and failure extends up till. Especially if you tried all you can, why should you even dictate it a “failure?” The coming days are what decide because as you move on, you learn that the main character in a play never loses. He only wins or learns. With failure, you know that success is just ANYTHING, but what you did, so you lost 1 out of 100, and you still have got 99 to go. Capable of expanding your territory, you’ll get to success but only when you fail smarter. You can DO it: neither succeed nor fail.

Remember that a single line consists of many dots. You never get back the feeling of loss after a long term gain, but rather wished you could’ve lost more: A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.-Winston Churchill

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