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5 Ways to get into the Fall Season

As the leaves change colors and fall, the wind blows and the nights get colder. For some, this season is a hard transition from the extremely hot temperatures we've endured during the summer. Not all are happy about the change and some even grow grumpier as it passes away. These are 5 ways to look forward to the fall instead of resenting it.


Apple picking is one of the most fun ways to get outside and enjoy some good food for New Englanders and I think many people should adapt this to their family days or even alone days. There is always a rotating variety of apples growing at farms during this season to satisfy everyone's taste. With Hayrides and mazes, farm animals to gawk at, and delicious apples to hand-pick, I don't see how anyone can resist this activity during the fall.


Ah, Pumpkins, the very seasonal yet underrated gourds we have come to know and love during fall. As most know, Pumpkins are often carved out in the middle and made into lanterns to scare away any unwanted spirits during Halloween. You must carve them out and make a really scary face on them, though! Pumpkin Carving is really a great way to be more connected with the earth around you since you are literally carving out a piece of it. Taking time to think of a design you really want to see light shine through, picking out the seeds from the glop to bake for little treats, or collecting the pumpkin innards to make pumpkin treats are all ways this gourd makes a great centerpiece of enjoyment!


Corn Mazes have been a long tradition of the fall and are often times associated with horror movies that have robbed them of their playful intentions. Playing tag with friends in these mazes can be a very fun and healthy activity to take part in as you get some Vitamin D and connect with the beautiful sounds of the stalks in the wind. Grab a sweater and some friends and find a nearby corn maze to prance around with friends in, and maybe some snacks to keep you energized for this day's endeavor.


Scarecrows are often seen in corn mazes to ward off crows and their bad omens. However, most households use them for interior decorations for the season to boost the fall energy that flows in from the outside. Made of Hay and old clothes these dolls can either be cheery or scary depending on your preference when making them. Take in mind most of the time they're very hard to stuff since you stretch the old clothing materials out and you should not use clothes you want to wear after. Typically you need yarn, old clothes, hay, long branches that have fallen, and sometimes leaves if you don't have enough hay to fill them out. Get creative with their appearance and let them stand out so the crows focus only on them and not on anything they shouldn't be around the scarecrow.


Trail walks are a great way to enjoy the changing of the seasons and really appreciate the world around us. You can smell and feel the changing of the earth's energy around you and soak in the feeling of calmness. Trails are often always open and beautiful around this time with their vibrant leaves hanging or falling around you. Ones with little water streams can be especially nice while watching the scenery and really help clear your head of any running thoughts that have been weighing you down, just let the stream take them away. Taking a book would be a good idea to sit and be in touch with the earth as it changes around you.

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