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5 New Fashions for the Fall

Don't fret! Fall is just around the corner, but this blog will you prepare you for the entire season with what's hot on the fashion scene right now. From purses to elongated coats, start filling your wardrobe with 2019's trendiest fashions!

Fleece: The first trend that popped out at me (because I love this material) is fleece. Fleece has always seemed to me to be the perfect transition from Fall to Winter. A nice fleece jacket, sweater or vest can cover many months of the year.

The elongated coat: From head to toe, get ready to find long coats showcased this season! You are looking for the statement coat. We are used to seeing thigh and mid-calf coats, but these gown-like coats literally fall almost to the ankles.

Feathers: OMG could it get any better! A girl's frilliest addition to any outfit, feathers were seen everywhere on the runways for this Fall. I was always a fan of feather earrings. I can't wait to see this trend play out in stores! Feathers also offer a less cruel alternative to animal products, because many are man-made.

Quiltwork: As weird as this sounds, quilt coats will be big this Fall! And these coats are not your grandma's quilts...get ready for retro and exciting!

The itty bitty purse: She wore an itty bitty, teeny weeny...purse? That's right, folks! For Fall 2019, get ready to see small purses. Whether a handbag or an over-the-shoulder, make sure your purses are small this season. And who would want to carry around a big purse, anyway? We're thinking small x 2.

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