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3 Tips for a Flatter Stomach

As a Personal Trainer and Dancer, I'm always getting people asking me: "How do I flatten my stomach?!" Here are some simple and fool-proof tips for getting your tummy looking noticeably more toned...

1. Avoid Processed Carbs

Think cakes, cookies, sweet treats, heavily processed cereal bars... all these artificial carbs go straight to the stomach region. Due to the heavily processed nature of these types of foods, our body has trouble digesting them. The result, the foods stay on the body and forms odd shaped fat pockets on one's stomach and thighs.

An Alternative Option:

Aim for natural and whole-grain carbs instead. This could be opting for homemade treats, when needed, using wholegrain flours and using honey in baking instead of heavily processed sugars. This could also mean spending a little more and buying vegan, wholegrain treats from Wholefoods. It's worth it to feel and look your best!

2. Eat Smaller Meals

You want a flatter stomach? Don't overfill it. Instead of eating 2 or 3 large meals per day, go for 4-5 smaller meals. The result will be a boosted metabolism (eating frequent, smaller meals causes the body to burn calories throughout the day); a smaller appetite (eating smaller meals causes one to become satiated sooner) and ultimately a flatter stomach (eating smaller meals avoids the stomach stretching and causes it to regain some elasticity and re-tighten).

3. Do Cardio that Involves your Core

Something as simple as using the bike or the elliptical in the gym while keeping your stomach tort will do wonders for involving the core muscles and leads to flattening the stomach. Cardio already burns fat, but by using cardio machines that incorporate your core, you will allow this area to truly feel the benefits!

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