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We Don’t Believe You!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

So, this trick Wendy Williams wants us to believe there is a “great thing” about living in a Sober House?

Over the years her shady a$$ has belittled every celebrity crackhead on the planet. Now she’s back on “crack” and found some positivity in it?

Wendy returned to her show and spoke about her “camping trip” in Upstate NY. The usually messy diva tried to do damage control after photos of her in Walmart were released.

Mrs. Hunter looked dazed and confused as she road through the aisles on a motorized cart. Look, no one is perfect, but Wendy goes out of her way to throw stones on any given occasion.

Unfortunately for her, she lives in a glass house and those stones are coming right back at her. Hey boo, “how does it feel?” in my DeAngelo voice….

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