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Trust is a HUGE commitment. It's hard to gain, very easy to lose and once it's lost, it's even harder to regain, if at all possible.

I have trusted plenty of people over the years and the majority of them I regret I did but at the end of the day, they were lessons learned. In certain situations in life, I found out who I can confide in and who had my back no matter what. I also found out who was secretly jealous and didn't want to see me succeed. These toxic people are no longer in my life but I appreciate them showing their true colors. I have a handful of people I can genuinely trust and I treat them the same.

Nowadays you have to run a background check on potential friends, confidants, and companions (laughing but very serious). You don't really know a person until something good or bad happens. Their reaction tells you everything you need to know. Are they happy for you? Are they envious of you? Do you have something or somebody they want? Can you benefit them in some way? Will they turn on you? Can you confide in them? Will they set you up for failure? These amongst others are questions you have to ask yourself.

We have to protect our hearts, minds, souls, bodies, and wallets. We are precious gifts and need to be treated as such. Trust can make or break a bond.

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