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Our life is ofcourse not a highway road but is uneven layer of cream on cake. We have to make it work with enormous amount of energy and efforts so that in the end we can have evenly spread top. Whenever we come across troubles; we as our human behavior mostly react in situation with panic attacks and blood pressure fluctuations which easily distract us from finding a solution rather than that we cry on what we did. We forget about the thing that every day is a new beginning and a new road. How we don’t realize that we are travelling on a new road every second of our life, where we don’t know what will happen next. The passion and enthusiasm is actually gulped by our jobs, responsibilities etc where we are working as slave forgetting about our dreams followed by inner peace. The problem with problem is it is directly proportional to your negative thoughts. The more you will think about it with a negative perspective and sit back counting your inefficiency, problem will become big and then giant. So from head to toe play the inversely proportional game and amaze the mathematics, the physics and your brain. Focus on solution no matter how big or small trouble it is, distract yourself with solution and find them and when you find one and problem gets solved, can we please have a Cake??

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