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#The New School

Teachers are sickly afraid to go to school, because of school violence. Kids are afraid to go to school, because they could get murdered. Yes, most shootings are somehow involved politically. And not because of Race! Anyone who owns a gun is at risk. And anyone who does not hold a gun is at risk.

We have to know who could do such a thing to a person. Do not understand, one if it was YOU! Your blood bleeding down hallways scrambling to save a child who can barley read, and full of innocence, has a gun pointed at his/her face, and is crying!

Anyone's child race with race come together, and cry. As they hold each other in agony, and despair. Children are the purest of innocence, when a mother gives birth through the worst of torture to have the baby, just for it to get killed, murdered, etc. NO!

We are starting a New School!

A New School where teachers feel safe to teach a mothers child, a fathers child who depends on keeping them safe! The New School will have all safety features designed by the parents for the children. We will not accept politics from killing off our children! No matter what difference you are, we all in turn come together, and fight for our children's rights!

Schools should be to protect, serve, and help every single child, and Teacher who is in a dangerous situation. Could you imagine if this was your child, having a gun pointed to his/her head crying mommy/daddy help me! Screaming in fear, thoughts untrained scrambled, while watching their friends, and trusted Teachers in blood.

It is so sick, and evil!

Lets start The New School, a place of peace, safety always, and happiness for all!

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