Social Distance Concerts

Back in September 2019, I preordered tickets to see Hella Mega Tour. In the last few months, I wasn't sure if the concert could still happen, or if I was even going to get refunded the $200+ tickets I bought.

While I'm still not sure how Fall Out Boy, Green Day and Wheezer are going to respond to August concerts, there are already social distance concerts!

So, fear not music fans. Arkansas is the first state to showcase these COVID19-mindful events. A Travis McCready show will have 'fan pods' that will place fans six feet apart. The bathrooms will be limited to ten people at a time.

Venues will only be operating at 20% capacity, which will be a huge loss in sales, but at least fans will still be able to see their favorite artists live despite the coronavirus.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg QuickTake


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