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Protesters "Party" at City Hall

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Free The People Roc, also known as Black Lives Matter, decided it was time to party in the middle of the protest. Video footage of a dance-off circulated online as protesters camped out in front of City Hall.

Several dozen protesters filled the street shortly after nightfall, dancing and playing music with a sign on display that read, "Justice for Daniel".

The protest began after police body-cam footage of Daniel Prude’s murder was released publicly. The video showed RPD Officer Vaughn and Officer Taladay suffocate Prude with a spit hood.

Now, Protesters want the people they feel covered up Prude’s death back in March, to pay up by leaving office. They are demanding Mayor Lovely Warren, District Attorney Sandra Doorley, and the head of the police union, Mike Mazzeo to step down.

The group claimed they were victorious after Chief La’Ron Singletary announced his retirement. Singletary was later relieved of his duties just days prior to his scheduled retirement.

So far, Doorley and Mazzeo have remained silent on calls for their resignations. However, Warren has maintained that she was not aware of the extent of Prude’s death until August.

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