#Love Hurts

Love what is it? Why does love hurt?

There are many questions on what is Love, and why does it hurt. Well love is a beautiful feeling like a drug better than anything you could imagine. When we love, and someone loves us back we feel exhilarated. But then it hurts.

When we fall in love with someone who is your true love then, verbal fighting everyday, and torture. The person we swore to you that he/she would love you forever who you took in, and melted you away turns out to be someone who hurts you with love. Love Hurts really bad. Love is what you feel for a person you have eyes for, or feel a connection.

Love hurts, because we have to work on the relationship with that one person, keeping it together. And it comes with fire, and sparks!

Trust Issues. I saw you cheating.

We go on for miles, and miles with the same person we love. If we do not accept to fight with words, and be broken we do not have a chance. If we do not give what our love wants we have to fight. And if we do not, we are sitting ducks!

If someone cheated on you, trust issues play a role. You are brokenly severed by a knife in the heart for life. You see anyone kissing, and you want to turn away, or puke bile. It lasts for days to even years or even life. Years of thinking about the trauma of another man/women being with yours puts you in a state of shock. So bad that you will do anything to avoid to doing anything. The person you would sit on broken glass for pushed you on it, and your injured for a while. And you will always have your love permanently indented in your mind for life. And what they did to you.

Many times we get the chance to see who is good to us. Love hurts, because we are unaware of the persons personality, lifestyle, or living itself. We must know the person, so we can help them with their problems, issues, needs, and wants. That is were it gets difficult. That is how Love Hurts. If we do not understand the person we married, boyfriend/girlfriend, we will be prone to not knowing how to really love them. With respect, kindness, courtesy, mercy, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, helping them when their sick, to giving them love.

Love Hurts, because it is a lot of work, that only You can do!


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