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Inauguration of the Governor Whitmer & Lieutenant Gilchrist

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I remember it like it was yesterday, actually it was this past January 2019. It was the inauguration of our new 49th governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer. I volunteered to serve at the inauguration instead of watching it on television. The event took place in Lansing, Michigan at the Capitol. Along with the governor the lieutenant governor, Garlin Gilchrist II was inaugurated as well.

The governor wanted the ceremony to take place outside the Capitol building. They had a warming tent filled with hot chocolate. I ended up as a volunteer setting the army, secretary of state, tribes, and legislatures.

She addressed five things after she was worn in : working together, closing the skills gap, shared future, building bridges, not walls and her victory. I know January was so far from now but since these two have been inaugurated, they have been making a difference in the community.

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