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How do I Properly Sanitize My Take-Out?

For many of us who still want to indulge in a couple carry-out orders or two, it's very important to stay safe when consuming food during this pandemic.

It is highly encourage that if you get delivery or carry-out, there are specific steps you need to follow:

1) When you arrive at home with your food, place your bag of carryout on a clean surface.

2) Wash your hands thoroughly!

3) Remove all food from ALL packaging and place food (without touching the food to your hands) on a clean dish.

4) Throw all packaging and bags away in the trash can.

5) Clean the surface and the area around the surface where your take-out sat.

6) Wash your hands thoroughly!

7) Enjoy your food!

For those like my family and others who have family members who are immuno-compromised, steps like these may seem silly but they are extremely necessary to protect others.

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