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Coronavirus Scams?

According to an email sent out by Congressman Jim Banks on April 6, 2020 to the residents of Indiana, there have been reports of stimulus check scams. The citizens of the United States were told that the stimulus checks would be distributed automatically--no phone calls or emails. Furthermore, they utilize the information you filed on your 2019 taxes, they don't need any extra information. There are individuals trying to scam people into giving up tax information in order to "help" with the stimulus checks.

Alongside the phone call scams about stimulus checks, there have also been warnings against fake Coronavirus news. The government sends out Coronavirus information through safe and reliable sources, like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Make sure whenever you are reading articles or reports on COVID-19, the reporters are:

-Gathering their information from a credible source

-Report on a reliable news source (check for publishing date, publishing company, author, etc.

-Not just reporting for gossip or fame to their blog

Information gathered from an email sent to Indiana residents by Congressman Jim Banks on April 6, 2020

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