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Community Weighs-in: Dave Chappelle The Closer on Netflix

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Cancel culture has not detoured comedian Dave Chappelle from targeting the most protected class of people in America. The legendary funnyman pushed the envelope when he spoke candidly about the LGBTQ community during his Netflix special "The Closer". The comedy routine centered around a friendship Chappelle developed with a transwoman named Daphne that later committed suicide. The Daily Beast shared a text from Daphne's sister that read, “Daphne was in awe of Dave’s graciousness, She did not find his jokes rude, crude, off-coloring, off-putting, anything. She thought his jokes were funny. Daphne understood humor and comedy—she was not offended. Why would her family be offended?”

Tocsin Magazine invited community members to weigh in on the Netflix comedy show that has Twitter divided. Who do you agree with?

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