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Hug Often!

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today, but something happened that just made me want to shudder. It started as any other day where I work full time. As a coworker and I were eating breakfast when we received a call from our boss who was running late, but for good reason. You see my boss lives in a different town and on her way to work this morning she came across a very bad accident.

I was really hoping she wasn't injured in the accident she said it had happened earlier and she had been sitting there for an hour and half already. I was just glad my boss was okay I told her to take her time and to be safe. It sorta made me step back for a moment and think of everyone I care about. I gave my boss a hug just because I know what she witnessed wasn't easy.

My point is life is not a sure thing. Hug the people you care about as often as you can because you may not get that chance again. Thank you for reading this small piece.

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