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Fall Outbreak? What About Now?

Lately, I've heard a lot about when the virus is going to come back in the fall. My family has been stocking up for the eventual fall outbreak later this year. No worries! We're not stocking hundreds of packs of toilet paper and hoarding all the Clorox disinfectant wipes! We're just picking up extra things here and there for the fall.

While there's talk about the fall outbreak, it's like people forgot that the current outbreak is still happening. People are still getting the virus and the death toll keeps rising. It seems pointless to talk about another outbreak when the current one isn't even over.

Many counties are still in the red zone, with few areas opening up the yellow zone, meaning that some businesses are able to reopen with limitations.

However, many states that have moved to reopening and citizens are treating it like the end of the pandemic. I've talked about Florida beaches in a few past articles before, and people haven't learned.

I found the above image on Reddit, of course. The original comes from Nicks Bar via Twitter. Bars open, people flood in. There's no masks on anyone's faces. People are packed close together. Just throw "six feet" right out the door, huh?

This isn't the right move. There's going to be no summer slowdown of the coronavirus if we keep acting like this. Even as states reopen, people still need to mindful of their actions. Continue wearing masks, practice social distancing and wash your hands often.

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