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The Analytics Report will be released to commission based members twice a month on the 15th and 30th/31st  beginning August 31, 2019. 


Commission Structure 


Commission is generated based on income from website traffic and/or advertisements for  30% of revenue produced from the website will be calculated then divided amongst the number of commission based bloggers.  


All commission based bloggers are Independent Contractor and require a 1099 at the end of the year.




Once revenue is calculated and processed payments will be released the 15th of each month starting September 15, 2019 based on the amount generated.





All bloggers (commission based and intern) may receive monthly incentives. Incentives will be provided to the blogger with the most hits to their posts and the blogger with the most monthly posts. Incentives will be provided in the form of a gift card with values of $25, $50, or $75.


Unpaid Internship 


Internship positions will last between three to six months. Interns that have improved their writing skills and/or increased post shares, retweets, comments and likes will be promoted to commission.




Bloggers may resign or be terminated at any time. Bloggers that do not follow the expectation of management will have blogging privileges revoked. 




If a commission based blogger is terminated for any reason, we may place a current intern in the vacant position at any time during an internship. 






Tocsin Magazine believes in freedom of speech. However, our platform is diverse and bloggers should be mindful of language that may be harmful to others. Bloggers should not post topics as fact unless they provide fact based evidence supporting the statements made. Topics should be opinion based or written from firsthand experience. 




Bloggers are required to:


  1. Share/tweet at least 25 posts a week to social media (it does not have to be a post that you wrote).

  2. Create at least 3-5 post a week

  3. Follow Tocsin Magazine on the member’s page and Facebook (info will be posted periodically).

  4. If a blogger is unsure of something and need input please email for help.

  5. Post topics on your page that only members can see.

  6. Share photos on your page of your vacations or of you just having fun.



Member who do not blog for an entire 30 day period will be removed as a writer. Bloggers who do not accept the invite for blogging privileges within 14 days will have blogging privileges revoked.







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