Wind power on Necker Island

There is a known tendency of global activists to fight global warming to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Because of this, some of the ways that would replace the use of these fatal fuels are always emphasised, and wind turbines are certainly an alternative. It is clear that the sustainability of such systems is related to climate conditions, i.e. wind, but there is certainly the possibility of combining more natural sources of energy, such as wind, sun, water.

Thus, wind turbines were installed on Necker Island in addition to the solar energy system. Three wind turbines have been installed which, combined with solar power, allows Necker Island to be without generators for about 90 per cent of the day. The plan is for Necker Island to be completely switched to renewable energy, with all the environmental benefits of that. For instance, it will also possible to make as much water as needed by using a desalination plant completely run on clean energy. This will allow hundreds more trees to be planted which will further benefit our fragile world.

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