Why did Bill Gates buy farmland in the US? Farmer Bill and neo feudalism

Bill Gates owns a large farmland in the United States. According to the Land Report, Gates now has a whopping 242,000 acres in 18 states. This purchase challenges many to wonder what Gates ’intentions are because he has never spoken of his love of growing crops and the“ pleasant ”smell of fresh manure.

According to the New York Post, Gates' interest in agricultural land is motivated by his desire to address the issue of climate change, as well as to help poorer countries, where people suffer from hunger. Of course this can be understood that Bill takes care of us.

The tabloid writes that Gates' realm of arable land is run by Cottonwood Ag Management, which in turn is a member of Leading Harvest, a non-profit organization that helps farmers around the world "adopt better practices now so we can all create a healthier future for generations to come."

Reports have previously suggested that agriculture, especially beef production, contributes to CO2 emissions that retain heat from the sun’s rays and consequently lead to climate change. Gates said earlier that without innovation, the world will not be able to cope with climate change, which many scientists say will result in extreme temperatures, natural disasters and the collapse of ecosystems. What to say? Man knows everything that will happen.

To that end, Gates participates in environmental projects and invests in various companies. One of them is Impossible Foods which produces beef substitutes.

Bruce Sherrick, a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who is also a board member of Leading Harvest, says farms are not only part of the problem of climate change, but can also become a solution.

Sherrick believes Bill will make a big difference if he manages to show that agriculture can be both profitable and sustainable.

All of this would be fine if Bill Gates did not support a GMO that suppresses indigenous varieties of fruits and vegetables, while destroying the autonomy of small farmers who are forced to pay dearly for such seeds. Just to recall back in 1998, while Bill was still pursuing his primary occupation, programming, he was before the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate on hearing. The reason - monopoly. It is known that the American economy is by definition mixed - a combination of liberal economy and state economy. Every time someone creates a monopoly, the state intervenes so that the oncoming monopoly does not destroy competitiveness in the market.

Not long after that, Bill turned to "philanthropy" and began to take care of all of us. From donations to vaccine companies, through investments in the fight against climate change, and now he gives a personal example of how to grow beef. So which of the small producers and farms can reach Bill in that competition, good for them, who can't, let them not be angry, because Bill is a philanthropist.

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