Who else can keep a straight face like Mark?

They say that Mark Zuckerberg can't catch his breath, either because of the video game characters that are imitations of the aforementioned Mark, or because of his Senate hearings, or the relentless coverage of Mark's every move. This businessman is known to have been the inspiration for the creator of the character from Grand Theft Auto V, though, as they say, his otherwise pronounced glow of sweat was not clearly expressed. As far as I understand, his hearing before the Senate and Congress has to do with regulating some of the rules, rights, problems with the use of modern technologies etc, I'm not an expert on it, but the point seems to be that it's not nice of the smart and educated Mark that he doesn't have his own lawyers and lobbyists in Washington. So before Congress, it was revealed that using Facebook is completely free because it shows ads. Then news that Mark's Twitter and Pinterest accounts have been hacked, so how does that happen. Well, then his this year's activities around protecting Facebook user data and such. Mark is of course neatly combed, and in his day-to-day activities we can see him in his drab sweater, just like the character in the video game mentioned. Just to remind, that the internet and even Facebook was not started for business, at least as Mark claims, it was for the flow of information, solving student problems and so on, but at least it seems to me that everything has become difficult to view and listen to the latest information from this areas. If Mark even wanted to be Robin Hood, it should have gone differently.

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