Who eavesdropped on the conversations of the President of Serbia and why?

Recently, the news was published that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, was wiretapped by the secret services. Vučić himself stated that "there is no doubt that a part of the foreign factor was involved" in his wiretapping, adding that he did not blame the foreigners, "when our people got involved in the first place".

"Here it leaked to me, because there were honourable police officers who brought it to me," said Vučić. As stated, discs were delivered to him on which his wiretapped conversations were recorded. The president added that, "people are being sought with whom he could be in contact in order to 'catch' him."

During that time, high-ranking state officials made statements that it was a coup d'etat. All this started to be made public at the beginning of the year, and even after a week, the prosecution has not yet started the investigation into the wiretapping of the President of Serbia. Some informed sources come out with the assumption that a conflict within the ruling party itself, led by President Vučić, is even possible.

However, according to the law, illegal wiretapping, if there was one at all, and if it is not a game, is by no means a coup d'etat, but a crime. As always, people close to the president want to inflate things and thus put in the center of attention of the regime's opponents and blame them for everything as well as to divert attention from much more important state issues. Each of these assumptions as a reason to start this affair, is at stake.

If all this is true that the president was wiretapped, then he should present those recordings to the public if there is nothing illegal in his wiretapped conversations. This is the thesis advocated by the opposition, and one of the opposition politicians, Borko Stefanovic, has publicly stated this position. He added that "Aleksandar Vučić should say who the people he talked to on the phone were, which, as (Vučić) claims, was tapped, inviting him to deliver those recordings to the public." Vučić also claimed earlier that the people he spoke to while being wiretapped were innocent and honest.

As for "honest and innocent people", Stefanovic says those who initiated the wiretapping - people from the police, the prosecution, the BIA and the court - should be arrested because they worked illegally. If these people are not innocent and honest, as the president says, then he can no longer be president, says Stefanović.

Stefanovic, on behalf of the Presidency of Serbia, said at a press conference regarding the wiretapping scandal that there is no place in the world that the president of a country "who has contacts, hangs out and talks with suspects for the worst crimes and remains president."

Why else would he be wiretapped if he talked to innocent and honest people ???

"Who are the 'honest people' with whom the president talked on the phone, who are the people with whom he talked about kicking the ball, as the president says," Stefanovic asked, calling on President Vucic to reveal the names.

It should be reminded that the president said that he possessed a part of his wiretapped conversations, which he would never make public, "because he will not destroy his country".

Controversial, to say the least, confusing !!

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