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At a recent meeting in the United States, the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo signed an agreement on the normalisation of relations between the two countries, with, of course, the presence of Donald Trump and associates. This agreement, according to commentators, means almost nothing to the relations between the two Balkan states, but it does mean to President Trump himself. He once again showed how he uses his “business and negotiation skills” to cater to various interest lobbies. According to the agreement, the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo must move their embassies to Jerusalem. Various political issues and new problems are being raised here, how the Arab world will react, but also many other things. It seems that the President of Serbia, Vučić, had no idea what he was signing. Another proof of Trump's way of conducting politics both in America and in the world.

Vučić's reaction to Trump's statement, which can be seen in the video, caused laughter all over the world.

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