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When will this Virus End?

We thought it was on the other side of the world. We didn't think it would come close to us. But now, the corona virus is inflicting everyone all around the world. And it's not stopping. We thought it would last a week or two and then become a worldwide meme. But it's here, and we need to take it seriously or else it will get worse.

According to CBS Boston, the total number of confirmed cases in New Hampshire is 65, after 19 new cases were confirmed this past Saturday. There have been a total of 3 hospitalizations and everyone else is isolated at home.

People are losing hope as it seems that this virus will never end. Quarantining has become a worldwide rule as people restrict themselves to stay in their homes. Others don't care; they go outside and hang out with their friends because they feel freed from school and other responsibilities. Yet, they hope the virus will end so they can attend their favorite functions again.

Will it end? Yes, it will. But we all need to take it more seriously. We need to have more self-respect, and know that we could get sick at any time. But most importantly, we need to respect our neighbors and our communities. By staying inside, we improve our chances of staying healthy, but we also limit the dangers of spreading sickness to other people. It's disrespectful to ignore the quarantine and government guidelines because it shows that we don't understand the importance of sacrificing some of our livelihood for the good of other people in the future.

So, yes, the virus will end. It's scary and it's unpredictable. And self-quarantining yourselves will be boring. But it'll be worth it in the long run.

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