When philanthropists go their separate ways

What happened between these philanthropists? Bill once stated as a piece of advice for success that a man should dedicate himself to only one woman, and not chase women around. Of course, the first question in all media is how they will share the wealth. Yet the question arises what went wrong between the two of them? Maybe in this case, too, the pandemic did its thing and showed, as with many others, how they really work when they are (almost) constantly together. Are they tired of micro-waving?

A marriage of 27 years is certainly commendable, but who will now cultivate so many hectares of land? And has everything been so ideal between them all these years? Realistically, as with all couples, there were difficulties, but this announcement of divorce came somehow suddenly. Maybe Bill knew how to be naughty, maybe Melinda too, but they’ll probably remain good friends. I don't want to be naughty either, I won't say that maybe this is a business move .... We'll see ....

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