When capitalism goes too far

This picture is not new, although I saw it a few years ago on the net, it is still current, if not this situation specifically, at least similar to this one. At first glance, it's funny, you can freshen up with watermelon, and imagine, refreshment is completely free! It's free if you apply for a credit card, and it slams very well. This kind of advertisement, immediate, natural, full of vitamins, is just what we need when we're in a shopping mall, tired, when it's hot. Moreover, we must urgently apply for a credit card, I do not mean any company in particular, I speak generally, this kind of refreshment is more than necessary. And while I look at commercials like this on the net, I say they seem ridiculous, but I have to admit that capitalism has perfectly studied mechanisms to turn bizarre situations into a hit. Clearly, if something is free, just let it free, it draws people even further into the mechanism of capitalism.

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