What kind of magic overwhelmed Trump's supporters?

How did Trump fascinate his "supporters" so much that they found it so difficult to accept Biden's victory? This example of a nervous breakdown shows the mentality of those who think that America is only theirs. Every thought of Black Americans or Latinos makes them cry and go crazy. It is no wonder that Trump's supporters invaded the Capitol like sorcerers and shamans, probably fascinated and enchanted by the previous policy. And here is evident the looting of the heritage, that is the culture of the ancient peoples, the Native Americans, and such a costume is by no means appropriate for the clowns who attacked the Capitol. So, you can see what kind of manipulation was done here, because these white Americans, more precisely their ancestors, once immigrated to America. How then can anyone say, "save our country" when Native Americans already lived there before them. That's right, it's a country of whites as much as everyone else, so I don't see the point in someone having to save whites from someone. I guess the point is that those who, I don't know why, think they have the right to everything and do what they want, should be saved, while others are denied the same right. And from those who have been denied because of racism, Trump needs to save these weeping people. Truly for clinical observation.

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