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What is Trendy lately?

A decade is ending (2019) and a new decade is beginning (2020). So I asked myself what is still stylish to wear. I did my research and even observe people around me to see what people are still wearing. For the most part the basics (classics) never go out of style: white t-shirt, black blazer, little black dress, white button-up shirt, black pumps, ballet flats, cardigans, long-trench coat, jeans to name a few. When it comes to trends, they are not timeless, however most mixed them with the timeless items. The 70's and 90's are trendy now. When I think of the 70's ( even though it was before my time), bellbottoms, afros, turtlenecks, corduroys, long jackets, vests, anything in warm earth tone colors. While the 90's I remember faded denim jeans, ripped jeans, band T's, and lots of plaid & denim.

People are also wearing a lot see-through items shirts, or the sleeves, even dresses. Military gear has risen to popularity the bomber jackets, jumpsuits even camouflage has been worn more often.Other trends are : furry coats, menswear-inspired trousers, the monochromatic look, animal print, colored leather, capes, print on print, lace, 70's inspired fashion and cinched waist.

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