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What does your nails say about your health?

I know most people think that hair, nails even skin problems are surface issues. However how your nails look and their appearance tells plenty about health. Even your hair and skin. I use to not think it mattered much because I didn't have nail problems a lot. I went to a student academy salon and thought it was safe. I was wrong. I went back to the people I normally get my nails done at, they found nail fungus. It me two years to get rid of it. I went to the foot clinic and they literally cut off half of my toenail. Nails are important part our health.

Here are some ways to prevent nail problems. Keep your nails trimmed, clean and dry as possible. Cut them in a straight line to prevent ingrown nails (finger or toenails).

Also to prevent nail fungus. Here are 12 ways to prevent another nail infection.

1. Wear flip flops or shower sandals in moist areas- prevent nail fungus and athlete's foot.

2. If you finished treating nail fungus- throw away shoes, boots, skates and any footwear you wore before you started treatment. Fungus can live in footwear, giving you another infection.

If your footwear is expensive or new, you can disinfect them using an ultraviolet (UV) shoe sanitizer or ozone cabinet.

3. Put on a clean pair of socks everyday and whenever your feet feel sweaty. This helps prevent fungi from growing. Wearing moisture-wicking socks can also reduce the need to change your socks.

4. Wear shoes that:

Fit well (not tight)

Are made of leather, canvas, or mesh

Keep your feet dry and prevent overheating

This helps prevent fungi from growing in your shoes

5. Alternate shoes. Fungi thrive in moist places like damp shoes. You can reduce this growth by giving shoes 24 hours to dry out before wearing them again.

6. Sprinkle anti-fungal powder in your shoes. These products cannot treat a fungal nail infection, but they can help prevent fungus growing in your shoes.

7. Keep your nails short. When trimming your toenails shorter than the end of your toes. Fingernails should also be kept short. This helps prevent fungi and other germs from getting under nails.

8. Sanitize your nail clipper before using it. To sanitize your nail clippers, wash it with soap and water and then wipe it with rubbing alcohol.

If you go to a salon for nail care, ask how often they disinfect nail clippers, emery boards, and other equipment. They should sanitize these after every client. If not, the equipment can spread a fungal infection from one client. If not, the equipment can spread a fungal infection from one client to another.

9. Never share nail clippers, shoes, skates, towels and other personal items.

10. Keep your feet clean and dry. Carefully wash your feet with soap and water everyday, taking care to wash between your toes. Dry your feet after washing them.

You also want to avoid having damp or sweaty feet for too long. A damp, warm area provides the perfect area for fungi to thrive.

11. Moisture dry skin. Fungi can get in through small cracks in your skin. To ease dry skin, moisture within 5 minutes of bathing and after washing your hands.

12. If you get athlete's foot, treat it right away. Fungi also cause athlete's foot. This fungal infection can spread to your nails.

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