We didn't need more witnesses, we needed more senators with spines

U.S. senators acquitted Trump of charges of inciting violence in Congress on January 6, because the Senate did not have a two-thirds majority of the necessary votes.

A majority of senators - 57, including seven Republicans - voted in favour of the conviction, which is 10 votes less than the required 67.

Following the verdict, Trump issued a statement describing the trial as "the greatest witch hunt in history."

This was Trump's second recall procedure.

Had he been convicted, the Senate could have voted to ban him from running for president again.

After the vote, Senate Majority Leader and Republican Mitch McConnell said Trump was "responsible" for the attack on the Capitol, describing it as a "shameful neglect of duty."

Earlier, he voted against the recall, saying that the process is not constitutional now that Trump is no longer president.

However, McConnell warned that Trump could still be held accountable in court.

"He still hasn't escaped. "We have a judicial system in this country, there are also civil lawsuits, and former presidents do not have immunity from any of these mechanisms," he said.

President Joe Biden said: "Although the final vote did not lead to a conviction, the essence of the accusations is not in question."

Stacey Plaskett one of the House impeachment managers for Trump's second trial, reacts to the Senate vote acquitting the former president, saying: "We didn't need more witnesses, we needed more senators with spines." This statement best describes the situation around the current acquittal of Trump from the guilt for the riots and the incursion into the Capitol on January 6.

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