Wall Street didn't build this country — the middle class did

In support of the thesis that Trump favours corporate lobbies, the interests of the powerful, Joe Biden posted the following on his Twitter account:

"Wall Street didn't build this country — the middle class did. And unions built the middle class. Donald Trump doesn't understand that. We need a president who does."

He also stated in one of the tweets that he would work on opening well-paid jobs for workers, the middle class.

"As president, I’ll make record investments in American industry and create millions of good-paying, union jobs. We’re going to make sure the future is made in America — and built by union workers."

That’s why Biden, along with Kamala Harris, has been campaigning in key state battlefields since Monday. Joe Biden met with labour union members in Pennsylvania, while Kamala had a meeting with the family of the shooting victim Jacob Blake.

And while Trump is portrayed as a good negotiator and a successful dealer in order to improve the economy, the facts and official figures show the opposite. In this regard, Biden also tweeted the following:

"Mr. President — If you’re so good at making deals, then why does your trade deal cost American workers so much pain while letting China off the hook for its biggest trade abuses?"

It seems that Trump is not so skilled in making deals either.

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