Violent extremists pose an increased threat to the United States

Violent extremists, angry over political issues and full of racial prejudice, pose an "increased threat" to the United States, US officials said in an intelligence report.

The findings, released more than two months after a group of outspoken supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the US Congress, are on the same line as warnings issued in recent weeks by US officials, including Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Christopher Ray. Ray recently said that the threat of domestic violent extremism is "metastasizing" across the country.

Nothing new, at least as far as division, racism and violence are concerned, but the question is, what measures will be taken to solve this complex issue. It is especially "strange" that the officials had (did not have?) data on the intrusion of Trump's supporters, but that was not prevented. We witnessed undisturbed savagery. If we add to that the interventions of police officers across the country that ended in murders, what is left to think?

A complete confidential intelligence report was presented to the White House and the US Congress, and a brief summary of the assessed threat was presented to the public.

Intelligence officials said in the report that extremists threatened with violence were motivated by different ideologies.

It is stated that anger due to the restrictions introduced in order to suppress the corona virus and the false belief that the November presidential elections were stolen "almost certainly" will encourage additional violence in 2021. As for violence, many analysts (unofficial) have warned of possible violence after the election and inauguration, but the official atmosphere is such that it ends with "reports". As far as the pandemic is concerned, there are many controversies that can easily be used for the benefit of supporters of violence and racists. Here, too, one should be careful and clearly separate political aspirations from the everyday problems of ordinary people.

The report also states that the biggest threat is posed by violent extremists motivated by racial hatred, which officials estimate could be the first to carry out mass attacks on civilians, as well as militant groups, which could target police and government officials.

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