Velvet Genius

If you have ever wondered, or even haven't, but felt that the look, design of our everyday lives, as well as the availability of everything perfectly suits the needs in the context of mass consumption and tempting choices, then it is not bad to know, designed by Andy Warhol.

"Self-Portrait", 1984

A popular subculture, or simply a choice for everyone, a choice that combines needs with the feeling that you are doing something important, it is pop art.

The design of everyday needs, transformed into a way of life, created something that made it possible for literally everyone to be expressed. Perfectly fit people's needs and invisible hand of the market, determine each other, good interaction.

If you are wondering why is it important, it may not be important to know the history and genesis of Andy Warhol's genius, but certainly the whole concept of consumption in capitalism would me more rigid, some distant reasons would be discussed, but thus, right in front of us, choices and their solutions. By this I mean not only the material aspect, but the feeling of mutual interaction and mutual influence, the invisible hand of mass subculture interacting with the invisible hand of the market.


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