Values, concepts, and friends

Julian Assange is a man who has done something wrong when it comes to how this world and its powerful people function. Is it possible to post something for free if the trend is that everything has to be done for money? Especially if it's confidential information like the collateral killings on 12 July 2007 in Baghdad when 12 to 18 people were killed, and if that information was "leaked" from secret archives . How is it possible that this information was leaked if it was kept in secret archives? It may not be so scary that confidential information leaks out to the public, it happens from time to time.

It seems that Assange did not fully understand the concept of functioning of all these sensitive things. One has to adhere to the intended concept, obviously. Isn't the personal data of ordinary mortals also protected by law and should not be passed on to anyone, even governments, secret services, etc. without consent? It seems that if there is a powerful friend, money, can. Money is a friend to such powerful people who will, through the media over which they influence, produce the kind of "truth" that will fit their concept. And their friend's concept.

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