US was lucky with an incompetent autocrat - Democrats should protect working families

Only if the Democrats oppose powerful interests and side with the working class they will prevent the rise of another right-wing autocrat. If not, in four years someone worse than Trump could come. This is the opinion of Bernie Sanders.

Joseph Biden's victory means that the world can breathe a sigh of relief because Donald Trump's "authoritarian obstinacy" has been rejected. The outcome of the election, however, is worrying because Trump won 11 million more votes than in 2016. He has increased support in difficult-to-live communities, where unemployment and poverty rates are high and health care is inadequate, says Senator Bernie Sanders.

He believes that the Democrats must win over that segment of the working class that still thinks that Trump is defending their interests.

"For a president who is constantly lying, perhaps Trump's strangest lie is that he and his administration are friends of the working class in our country. It is true that Trump brought more billionaires into his government than any president in history, " Sanders writes.

He says Trump has given big tax breaks to the rich and big corporations while proposing big cuts in, for example, education and health care.

However, as the senator from Vermont points out, a certain segment of the working class still believes that Trump is on their side.

At a time when millions of Americans are living in fear after losing their jobs due to unfair trade agreements and earning less than 47 years ago, supporters saw him as a strong fighter.

He used racism, xenophobia and paranoia to persuade a huge portion of the American people to care about their needs, which, according to Sanders, “cannot be further from the truth. "His only interest, from day one, was Donald Trump," the senator said.

"If the Democratic Party wants to avoid losing millions of votes in the future, it must help the working families of our country, which today are facing the greatest economic despair since the Great Depression. Democrats must show in words and deeds how dishonest the Republican Party is when it claims to be a party of working families, ”said Sanders, who ran in the race for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

To that end, Democrats must be able to deal with the powerful special interests that have been at war with the working class in the United States for decades, Sanders says.

"I mean Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry, fossil fuels, the military, the private prison industry, and many profitable corporations that continue to exploit their employees."

If the Democrats do not show that they will oppose these powerful institutions and aggressively fight for working families, they will prepare the way for the election of another right-wing autocrat in 2024. And that president could be worse than even Trump, Sanders concludes.

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