U.S. intelligence had no information about the incursion into Congress ??

Members of the intelligence sectors of the FBI and the Secretariat for Internal Security of the USA stated, which looked like an admission that they did not have data on the intrusion of supporters of former President Donald Trump into the Congress on January 6. Is it possible?

Namely, at the hearing held in the Congress, it was said by the officers, more precisely by the assistant director of the FBI and the acting director. Undersecretary of the Secretariat for Internal Security that no service had information about the planned attack. Was there no information or no will to obtain information. The public in America has been buzzing for months about possible conflicts after the election and before the inauguration. Many analysts have warned of mass riots and conflicts, not by heart but there have certainly been indications of such predictions. It is unclear how the FBI had no any indication to check such forecasts. At the search, it was said that Trump's supporters were coming to Washington and that it was possible that they were armed, but not that they would invade the Congress. "That intelligence information was missing."

There is controversy in the public about whether the FBI and other services made a mistake and did not see any warning signs that riots would take place on January 6 at the Capitol, and that because of that information, the police could not react adequately.

It is simply unbelievable that any information could have been missing, and that the police "could not react".

The focus is on an FBI report from January 5, which quotes an online correspondence of Trump supporters, which states that "windows should be broken and doors broken in Congress."

That report was received by some services, but not by the Capitol Hill police. The result was the unwillingness of the authorities to deal with the riots on January 6. Or lack of desire?

"It might have been better if we sent a warning about terrorism, but we didn't do it before January 6." - it was said at the hearing.

FBI Director Christopher Ray said earlier before the Senate that the FBI warned of the growing threat of domestic terrorism in a report from January 5.

Last year, the FBI published several reports warning of domestic terrorism ahead of the November 2020 presidential election and the president's inauguration in January 2021, Ray said.

The Secretariat for Internal Security published 15 reports during 2020, which indicate the threat of "domestic extremists who can mobilize quickly and attack government buildings".

Analysts say the incursion into Congress is the result not only of the failure of intelligence, but of all services, including the police and the government.

There is little logically related information here, but everything indicates that it was not appropriate for someone or some to prevent violence.

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