Twins and races

A soul may be born in a particular environment, which may more or less suit that soul. There are also various prejudices about how one should behave in a particular environment, and these prejudices are based on a certain, I would say wrongly-formed opinion, that everyone in the context of the cultural heritage, language, environment is similar. The soul is something much more complex and profoundly differently defined and conceptualised in relation to linguistic, cultural and environmental determinants.

The soul can fit into the environment and may not, because the soul is looking for its twin or soul mate. Thus there may be twin souls living in different nations, races. Do these peoples and races have in mind that some souls do not fit into their concepts? In addition, are all the determinants defining nations and races meaningless, completely eliminating the needs of the souls, and in the first place putting such common interests, often associated with the political interests of a group? They may be born, say, twins in biracial families, and even though they are twins, they may have different genetic inheritance. Again, souls can be born on opposite sides of the globe, in different races, and again, these souls may be twins. Isn't that way, ranked as meaningless, any racism, nationalism, chauvinism, and any tendency to humiliate another race, people, etc.? I think it is. Why is the depth of the human soul and its pursuit of a twin so degraded, and some ridiculous division into nations and races put into the fore?

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