Tsunami House

The idea for this type of house came from the principle that water flows through the house during a tsunami, instead of destroying it. Primarily, houses like this are being built in areas with frequent tsunami waves. The fact is that building such a house is more expensive and requires more complicated architectural and construction solutions, but it is still cheaper than periodically rebuilding the house after each tsunami wave.

As in any other building, special attention is paid here to the foundations, which in this type of house are specially designed to withstand high tsunami speeds. The concept is that the upper level serves as a living space, while the lower level is multi-purpose, and one of the purposes is a flood room. In such a solution, besides the possibility of opening the lower level windows and passing the water wave through the house, there are also filters for sand drainage. At the lower level, the walls are designed to be detachable in the case of a tsunami storm.

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