Trumpism after Trump

After Socrates, Trump will be the first citizen in the world to be publicly sentenced by the state to ostracism. By the way, ostracism was a political measure in ancient Athens that was originally directed against people who wanted to return tyranny to Athens. Without entering into the political action of Socrates, and even less comparing him with Trump, the term "ostracism" is important here, which means Trump in the midst of the sharp division of America into "red" and "blue". Of course, Biden and Kamala took the oath, but the question is how much of Trumpism is left after Trump? First of all, a businessman, he thought that he could get into gambling combinations even when the state was in question, and that with recent protests and incursions into the Capitol he could reverse the result, the outcome, whatever. The images from those riots are quite unthinkable considering the place where they took place and considering the appearance of certain "demonstrators".

Donald Trump had a chance to establish himself as a serious alternative that would follow Joe Biden and his administration with a capital of 74 million voters as a shadow. Instead, Trump is now a presidential apostate, the only one in American history to be impeached for the second time, with the Senate process, in which Democrats now have a majority, likely to end later with a sentence that will prevent him he is running again in the 2024 presidential election and by excommunication from public life. Trump is perhaps the best proof of the chess lesson - Let the ignorant play, he will lose the game on his own.

As president, the outsider Trump had a very wide room for maneuver that he wanted to fill with his Make America great again / America First program. His first moves were aimed at returning production to America, which would make it the industrial center of the world again, but like everything else, this was short-lived.

Trump's work enthusiasm alternated with long stays on golf courses, so the American media calculated that during his four-year term, he spent almost 380 days, i.e more than one year, on golf courses.

With such a working week, no one could realize ambitious plans and big changes.

America has found itself in the greatest challenge since the founding of the United States - the danger of the disappearance of the attractiveness and exemplary nature of the American model of democracy, and thus American a priori superiority over all other models and systems in the world. America is a dream for many, where everyone can succeed and make their dream come true, but such a gamble attempt that one of such businessmen can be President and thus create the conditions for tyranny to "become" a democracy can seriously undermine the model that America has long represented. Worse, it can undermine democracy even though the Democrats have won. This electoral process was in itself such that the center of all American political theories, around which a network is woven that distinguishes between legitimate and illegitimate authorities, free and subjugated citizens, once broken in America, will prevent America from being the only one from now on. Furthermore, perhaps, as a world-renowned arbiter of (non) democracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism. This can be called Trump's legacy.

It would be Trump's last attempt to strike at liberal globalism, which bases political thought precisely on the universality of democracy and democratic processes, because democracy should be the same everywhere: in Saudi Arabia and France, in Argentina and Sudan, Iraq and Japan, South Korea and Luxemburg. It would, after all, be a blow to the idea of ​​human rights and equality of all people, and it is possible that it is carried out in America, because only the American idea, along with the idea of ​​the American nation, is super multicultural and supranational, at least by definition. Trump's legacy, which is very much alive because America is divided, and there is data on how many millions of Americans voted for Trump, can very well shake the foundations of democracy. One should be careful with that legacy and be very aware of it. Trump proved to be a clumsy right-winger, politician, gambler, but he left behind a pronounced division among people. That is the task of democracy, whether it is Democrats or conscious individuals.

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