Trump was not an "innocent witness"

Nine Democratic members of Congress who are acting as prosecutors in the request to recall the former president have continued to file charges against Donald Trump, who is on trial in the Senate for "inciting rebellion" in the attack on Capitol Hill when five people were killed.

The trial is taking place in the same hall that Trump's supporters forcibly stormed on January 6.

"President Trump was not an innocent witness to an unfortunate event, as his lawyers want to portray, but he left his role as commander-in-chief and became the main instigator of a dangerous uprising," said Jamie Raskin, a member of the House of Representatives and chief prosecutor.

Congressman Joaquin Castro said that Trump had been inciting aggression and hatred for months. The new footage shows "a mob attacking Congress, police officers trying to protect politicians inside the building, lawmakers who fear for their lives and employees hiding behind locked doors," CNN reports.

"When the masses occupied the Senate, attacked the White House and the police, Trump watched it on television as if it were a reality," Raskin said. "He enjoyed it. He did not protect us as the supreme commander, but he encouraged the rebellion and wrote tweets that only encouraged the unbridled crowd even more," Raskin added.

The former president, who resides in Florida, refused to testify. However, his voice is echoing in the hall of the upper house of Congress these days, where prosecutors are publishing audio recordings of his speeches and incendiary messages on Twitter, and reminding us of the most controversial statements. Although the chances of convincing two-thirds of senators to find Trump guilty are slim, Democrats want to influence the public with these hearings, which are being broadcast across the United States.

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