Trump warns Biden could strip us of civil liberties ?!?

Another of Trump's campaign maneuvers. He said that if Biden wins, America will be deprived of some of its civil liberties!?! Trump emphasized that Biden does not talk so much about his anti-gun agenda because he believes that it would reduce the number of voters who would vote for the Democrats. In addition, according to Trump, Biden's victory would bring the country the deprivation of energy independence as well as the mentioned human rights!?! A few more statements from the "different reality" as a political course and the direction of Trump's actions in general.

He also said that some of the Democrats, who are directed more to the left, regretted that Biden is a candidate. Trump reminded of Biden's original earlier views, which he stopped mentioning, but which, if Biden wins, will have a negative impact on the situation in the country.

“Remember this in politics—it’s always the thing that they say first. That’s what they’re going to do,” said Trump. “No guns, no religion, no energy, no oil. Remember that. Remember.”

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