Trump's return to the media after about a month

Returning to the media after more than a month of silence, former US President Donald Trump expressed his views on a number of issues, including a potential presidential candidacy in 2024 and social media censorship.

It is known that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube blocked Trump on their platforms, after the January 6 riots.

As he himself recently said, speaking on a television, Trump said that he wanted to be "somewhat quiet" after leaving the White House.

"I really wanted to be somewhat quiet. Honestly, it wasn't that quiet, but I wanted to be somewhat quiet," Trump said.

So who wouldn't want to be quiet after everything that happened if he even thinks about what he did.

However, Trump apparently does not regret the ban on Twitter, as he criticized the platform for deliberately censoring "everything he said", adding that "millions of people" are leaving Twitter because it has become "very boring".

"They really harassed us on Twitter. They put up all kinds of flags, I guess they call them that. They marked almost everything you see, everything I said was marked. It's a shame! It got very boring. We don't want to go back to Twitter " - Trump said.

Even Bill Gates stated that the ban on Trump from accessing social networks should be lifted and he should be allowed to appear from his profiles on portals. Is it because of a democracy that is fragile or is it no longer known who works what and for whom? Bill Gates is slowly turning to new humanitarian work - the fight against climate change, even though he has a private plane that leaves carbon luggage in the atmosphere and states with a smile: "what can be done"? It's like saying, "I'm rich I can." However, democracy in the first place, everyone has the right to say what he thinks, even Trump, that is probably Gates' point in emphasizing how much he cares about democracy. Maybe non-American but still a democracy. Because, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, criticized the decision to release former President Trump, calling it "un-American" and insulting to the patriots who gave their lives for "our republic" for centuries.

Even recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the bans imposed on US President Donald Trump by Twitter and other social networks are problematic, since freedom of speech and opinion are the most important human rights.

"This right can be limited, but only in accordance with the law and within the framework defined by the legislators, and not by the decisions of the management of social networks. From that point of view, the chancellor considers it problematic that Trump's orders are permanently blocked." - Merkel said if anyone in America cares at all. Yet some politicians perhaps.

The number of supporters is not negligible when it comes to Trump, so his presence on social networks could have an impact on a large number of people. Especially if we take into account that according to the current situation, after the vote in the Senate, he can run in 2024. And that is democracy, fragile but democracy. Although he did not accurately state that he would try another presidential candidacy, Trump said that he and his team have "huge" support, despite the recall efforts that were initiated against him.

"I won't say yet, I bet we have huge support. Let's say someone gets impeachment. Typically, their number would fall. They would fall like an inflated balloon. But our numbers are very good, they are very high," Trump said.

And of course Trump did not miss the opportunity to say that Biden is mentally gone. Biden, of course, should prove otherwise in the years to come. Time is not exactly on his side.

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