Trump may win the Nobel Peace Prize ????

US President Donald Trump said in a campaign in North Carolina that he might win the Nobel Peace Prize, and in that context he mentioned Kosovo, saying that his administration manages to stop the "mass killings" that have been happening in the area for years, adding that the "fake media" in America did not publish this news. Namely, seven members of the European Parliament proposed Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, and sent a draft resolution asking the European Commission and the European Council to support their proposal.

Earlier this month, Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian MP Christian Tibring-Gjede.

Trump's statement that he stopped "mass killing" in this part of the world (Kosovo), refers to the recently reached and signed agreement between Serbia and Kosovo on the normalisation of relations. However, as many political analysts claim, this agreement does not bring much on the issue, but it is more important for Trump to please the Israeli lobby. Serbia is the only country in Europe that, according to an agreement signed recently in Washington, has to to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The official policy and position of the European Union is that Jerusalem should by no means be the administrative center of Israel due to the possible revolt of the Arab world. Serbia risks so much, all in order for Trump to benefit personally. So further confrontations and misunderstandings are possible rather than contributing to peace. The very fact that, as Trump says, the mass killings in Kosovo have stopped is also not true, because in recent decades there have been only sporadic incidents, political subterfuges and moves that harm the other side. There are no mass killings. The massacre took place in 1999 during the NATO bombing. Another hypocrisy of Trump.

And the very fact that he might win the Nobel Prize? Also a hypocritical decision of various political and interest lobbies, if at all correct. And besides, funny.

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