Trump is urgently transferred to a military hospital! (VIDEO)

US President Donald Trump is leaving the White House, he is being transferred to the Walter Reed Military Hospital, and a military helicopter has landed in the yard of the residence.

US President Donald Trump was transferred "as a precaution" to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. US President Donald Trump's doctor has revealed what therapy he is receiving against the corona virus.

U.S. President Donald Trump feels "tired but in a good mood" and is taking therapy for the corona virus, his doctor Dr. Sean Conley said earlier.

According to Reuters, Conley stated that the president was prescribed therapy with regeneron, a cocktail of polyclonal antibodies that also contains zinc, vitamins ...

It was previously announced that the president, when carefully monitored by doctors, given that there have been no treatments to date that are effective in treating the corona virus, will receive everything that will alleviate his condition - extra oxygen, more fluids, cough syrup or medication. to lower the temperature.

Trump's earlier attitude towards the corona virus is well known, he mocked Biden because he does not wear a mask. How everything will affect the further course of the presidential election campaign remains to be seen, given that it is not known how the further course of Trump's health will go.

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