Trump is sure of victory - confident of winning on all fronts

The still current president of the USA, Donald Trump, addressed the public. At the beginning of his speech, he thanked everyone who was with him.

"We are preparing for a big celebration," he said at the beginning of the presentation.

He pointed out that Republicans are winning a convincing majority in all states.

"We won convincingly in Florida, we conquered the great state of Ohio and North Carolina, and we lead in Pennsylvania and we will conquer Michigan. They will never catch up with us," he added.

Trump claims that the Democrats will try to challenge the victory.

"They don't know what happened to them, we beat them on all fronts, they lose on all polling stations. They know that they will lose and they will go in all possible ways to challenge the victory. They will also go to court. They are not a shame for America. They will try to deceive the American people" he said.

Earlier, Joe Biden addressed his supporters in Wilmington, saying that he believes that he is on the right path to winning the elections.

We will see what is true of all this and who is right.

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