True Colours of You

Did you know that according to psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, there are four types of people who match certain colours. These are known in Psychology as Real Colours and humans can be in four colours: Gold, Green, Orange and Blue. Many psychologists later confirmed this theory and say that understanding one's own colour contributes to a better understanding of oneself and others, better understanding of differences, understanding learning styles, and improving communication skills. It is important to know that people have not only one colour but all four so that they can feel the qualities of any Real Colour, but one of them dominates each.

The first is the Real Colour Gold, and those determined by this noble colour are loyal, reliable, organised, thorough, accurate and caring. Golden people notice and remember the facts, set and meet deadlines. They are good with money and every minute is important to them. Equally successful when serving others or being leaders.

Real Colour Green people strive for perfectionism, good analysts, calm, cool, conceptual, invective and logical. By nature, rationalists always seek a rational explanation and find it. They are good researchers, they handle the facts, they have good vocabulary and they have arguments for every discussion, have arguments for each side of the problem, they are not one-sided.

Orange people are witty, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, eager and daring. They are looking for fun, different situations, they are not static, free and diverse in behaviour, they do not have a typical pattern. They are good at several projects or tasks at the same time. Extraordinarily they overcome the barriers they encounter in their work and are very flexible.

Blue personas are enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, idealistic, compassionate, honest and imaginative. They care about contributing to everything and everyone they belong to. Relationships are very important to them, both friendly and emotional. They are good listeners, consider opportunities, and love to do new things. Conflict or disharmony can upset Blue. They take care of the feelings of others and are tactful. It is important for them to be convinced of their own values. They love being entrusted with a job to express their creativity, they like to mentor, but they are very righteous.

So what do you think, which Real Colour dominates you?

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