Trial mass gatherings as a test to return to "normal"

We all long for the "old" times when there were free gatherings without any restrictions and measures. A valve that is necessary to us at the moment, and whose lack will only be visible, as experts say.

Thus, the test concert in Liverpool on Sunday recorded the largest number of people who have been legally in a small area in Great Britain since the beginning of the coronary virus pandemic.

It was a scene that only existed in beautiful, vanishing memories over the last 13 months - 5,000 music lovers dancing and jumping, singing out loud.

Without a mask. There is no physical distance. There are no rules on restricting assembly. There is no risk of fines. They say that freedom begins, like everything else, to be appreciated only when it is lost. In our modern case, freedom of movement without distances, masks and fear of viruses. Just having fun with friends, drinking beer from cardboard glasses (it doesn't have to be beer), and listening to live music in the clutter of strangers who hear, see and feel the same things as you.

Exactly what we crave as human beings and what is collapsed: interaction, togetherness, non-alienation. Like I said, like in the "old" times. And we hope as the times are yet to come, and I hope that we will appreciate that "old" freedom more when we have it again.

Sunday’s mini festival at Liverpool’s Sefton Park was one of the government’s official rehearsals to explore whether and how large gatherings can be safely re-organized. All ticket holders had to be tested at one of the four points in the city and were only allowed to enter if the test was negative. They were also encouraged to do more thorough PCR tests on the day of the concert and to do it again five days later, on Friday. This will be crucial to determine if there has been a spread of the virus. Scientists are also studying other factors such as audience movement and interaction, ventilation and alcohol consumption.

Everything is aimed at determining how summer music festivals can be organized after June 21, when, theoretically. the fourth phase of the planned reopening should have marked the end of the restrictions on social and physical contacts.

Maybe all these numerous measures, inspections, re-tests are not exactly identical to the old times, but they are definitely needed to preserve health. Some sceptics will, again, recall the famous novels that predicted a society a few or more decades ago in which everyone would be supervised and controlled.

Either way, people are eager for a social life, and rehearsals like this are good for a careful and safe reopening. And we should all ask ourselves and appreciate freedom much more than before, so that we do not lose it again and gain it in its current form: on a spoon, in doses. This current "normal" may seem normal but only the psyche of all of us will have its say when all that accumulated begins to come to the surface.

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