"Tough" Gordon, "fierce" chef

Gordon Ramsay is undoubtedly a good chef, but wouldn't everyone with his effort, dedication and of course the talent above all, become a good chef. He is known for several signature dishes such as Beef Wellington, but experienced chefs say these dishes have been around for a long time. In order to make a signature dish, one must first make something new, some innovation in the meal preparation or at least a modification of the existing ones. His passion for cooking is undoubtedly as well the energy he invests as he prepares the meal, but also his "attitude" toward the staff, competitors and restaurant owners. It's clear that it's part of the show, but to me, the whole message is awful.

It is well known that no one likes to yell at his ear while he cooks and prepares a meal, so everyone will forget to cook while Gordon is yelling. Let him participate in various charity events and so on, let him be very courteous in private, and let him be dominant in the celebrity chef's world, but .... I genuinely loved watching his cooking tips and recipes initially on some TVs where he didn't yell. But when he started playing the Chosen One, he became a pawn in the service of the celebrity phenomenon.

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