Too strong wind(s) for Biden

With his age at the time of the election, Biden is the oldest president of the United States. How he will deal with the problems that the position he performs obliges, we will see, how he is coping now is already visible.

At the entrance to the plane to Atlanta, he tripped on the steps three times. Perhaps the funniest statement is that after stumbling on the steps, Biden feels good. It's as if he had at least experienced a "serious" accident or, God forbid, caught the virus.

Also, there is speculation about the reason why Biden tripped three times, and one of the assumptions of the investigation is that a strong wind was blowing. It seems that Biden, in politics, not only in life, is only suitable for the "breeze".

It can be seen in the video that when he boarded the plane and left for Atlanta, Biden stumbled halfway up the stairs for the first time. He quickly straightened up, but then he stumbled two more times, and the last time he fell to his knees.

His smug greeting is also hilarious and sympathetic when he “successfully” climbed to the top of the stairs and then got on the plane running a few steps like a “young boy”.

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