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Times Table?

Have you ever tried to add something up about a person, but it didn't seem right? It did not equal anything, or was missing a number. When we view this person did they seem different than others, distant, or we just cannot put a finger on who they add up to.

Who is this Person, behind the glass?

We are searching to find the truth, but can we? The person might seem strange, and different than others. To know the truth should we ask them? If we suspect something is wildly off wrong with a person, that does not add up. For instance, they do not have a mental disability, they do not have any disability's yet they are acting in a very strange way towards you. It could be normal, but DO NOT GO ANY WHERE TRAVELING WITH THEM!

WHY? This person could be a psycho murderer, or rapist.

If things seem like they were not adding up before, and they seem normal in your presence, but you still can't figure them out, be on high alert. Trusting someone who takes you somewhere different in his/her car even if he is telling you where you are going, he/she could be lying. Always have a full powered cell phone, and use your car keys as weapons. Also buy pepper spray, knife, or other weapons like teasers just in case. You never know until it is too late! STAY SAFE!

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